[accordion style=”normal” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”When should I sell my house?”]If you have the ability to choose when to put your house on the market, you should sell your house when your local real estate market is a “sellers market”. Generally, this is when demand for homes is high and number of homes on the market is relatively low. Some indications that the market is favoring sellers is when mortgage interest rates are low, people in your region are economically optimistic about the future, or when there is a jump in house buying activity – as often occurs in the spring.[/accordion_toggle][/accordion]

[accordion style=”normal” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”Will I have to pay taxes when I sell my house?”]Many people selling their home no longer have to pay taxes on the gain they make when selling their home. Since the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 was passed, married couples filing jointly, are exempted from taxation of profits on the sale of a personal residence of up to $500,000 and singles are exempted from taxation of profits on the sale of a personal residence of up to $250,000. Taxpayers can only claim this exemption once every two ears and must have lived in the residence for two of the past five years.[/accordion_toggle][/accordion]

[accordion style=”normal” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”Should I fix up my house before selling it?”]Generally buyers favor homes that are move-in ready. To increase the likelihood of attracting buyer attention and selling your home, some repair investments are necessary.
Repair entranceways, such as sagging screen doors and chipped paint around the doorway. Entrances are a potential buyers first impression of your home. Similarly, repairing missing shingles, hanging gutters and other blatant problems with your roof can help make a positive first impression. Along with the exterior appearance of your home, the smell of your home is one of the first things potential buyers notice. Be riding your home of four smells can be very beneficial when selling your home. Many times for bathrooms and kitchens, deep cleans with bleach is all you will need. Although more work will be necessary to resolve more serious smell issues, it is extremely important that unpleasant smells are taken care of.

Along with these “first-impression-improvements”, patching nail holes, repainting, stopping faucet drips, and repairing cabinet scratches are also good ideas. These repairs help present your home in a tidy and cared-for manner.[/accordion_toggle][/accordion]

[accordion style=”normal” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”Can I sell my home if its market value is less than my mortgage?”]If your property qualifies for a short sale, you will be able to sell your home for less than you owe on your mortgage. ADH has a team that specializes in helping homeowners negotiate short sales.[/accordion_toggle][/accordion]

[accordion style=”normal” open=”no”][accordion_toggle title=”Who can help me sell my home?”]ADH agents are very well qualified to help you sell your home as well as help you seek out and purchase a new home. Give us a call today to learn more.[/accordion_toggle][/accordion]

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