Franchising Opportunities

Franchising 10-11-13Have you ever looked at your real-estate career and wondered if there was a better approach? A different way? Almost every real-estate agent resides with a question during the course of their career and it’s no wonder we always work harder than expected to earn the income planed no matter how hard we work it seems a shift in the market can knock us back to square one, no wonder many of you who come into our industry with high hopes are forced to move on.

What if there was a way to have a real-estate career where your income was not solely based on your production? What if you had additional income stream running day after day, month after month whether you had a closing or not? At American Dream Homes, agents build teams of agents.  A well developed team could include 50, 500 or 5,000 agents, all positioned to generate sales bonuses for you, whether you have a closing or not. Supplementing your commission income with team production opens up a whole new dimension for your real-estate career putting you back in control of your time and energy.

With American Dream Homes you’re not just doing business, you are building a business that has a life of its own. One that is bigger than you are by yourself one that can sustain you in good times and bad. You build this business by brining other agents into the company and then helping them bring in other too.

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